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Establish in 1995 as a inorganic chemical products manufacturing enterprise,Tianjin Dongli District Mingyang Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.(MYCIC)Based on Chromic Salt Series,the main products of the MYCIC are Chromic Oxide Green,Chromic Potassium Sulfate(Chrome alum).The MYCIC lying nearby the outside round-way of Tianjin Dongli District,enjoys an exclusively favorable geographical position,where Jing-Jin-Tang and Jin-Ji Expressway pass across and Tianjin Harbor,is only 30 kilometers  is quite convenient for transportation of railway,highway,sea route and air route.With own strong technical staffs specializing in various fields of manufacturing,study,sales of the products.

Our company is china inorganic salt society,Chromic Salt society member,and pay attention to with the world advanced Chromic Salt manufacturing technique and Chromic Salt user carry out technology exchange,thus continuous raise and improve manufacturing technique and expand applied range,in 2001,cooperated  and studied with Australia Co.,the pigment grade Chromic Oxide Green series products,which is popular in Australia and used mainly for ground pave,this product is use immense in Australia market and replace domestic long term depend on import Chromic Oxide Green produce hard wearing pave’s history.

In 2005 our company with germany carry out Chromic Potassium Sulfate’s technical exchange,and to inhere manufacturing technique carry out complete change,produce the newest standard ‘s Chromic Potassium Sulfate(Chrome alum),make Chromic Potassium Sulfate not only used in tradition industry and expand to electroplate,precious metal purify and high quality tannage and so on.Our company participate in nationwide Chromic Potassium Sulfate the newest standard draw up,raise our country Chromic Potassium Sulfate’s technology standard.Due to we with international technology exchange,thus establish specialized field accurate detect method and complete quality-guarantee system.

Our company has been authorized to do import and export business,our product sell Europe,America and Southeast country.Our company product many variety Chromic Oxide Green,Chromic Potassium Sulfate,Potassium Dichromate,Chromium Trioxide,surpassed the standard of Ministry of chemical industry,reach Europe standard,in which Chromic Oxide Green product have complete series of pigment grade,polishing and milling grade,refractory grade,metallurgical grade and high-purity low Cr+6 grade.After cooperated with Australia Co.,all the specifications such as stability,color,color power,atmospheric exposure,etc.,have surpassed domestic excellent grade standard,To meet the user’s requirements,our company can supply Chromic Oxide Green series according to user’s special specifications.